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>>> rough seas. ships from china and japan keep up their patrols in the waters between them as officials on land spar over whether chinese navy crews aim their weapons radar at japanese forces. welcome to nhk "newsline." i'm ross mihara in tokyo. japanese and chinese authorities are asserting two different versions of what happened last month between their forces in the east china sea. officials in tokyo maintain that chinese naval ships used fire controlled radar against the japanese self-defense force. but china's defense ministry has issued a statement denying that ever happened. the statement refers to two separate incidents. on january 19th, it admits that crews on a chinese frigate tracked a helicopter because it approached their vessel. in the second case on january 30th, the statement says a chinese ship monitored an sdf destroyer that was following it at close range. but the statement denies chinese crews used fire controlled radar in either instance. it says officials in tokyo released false reports without confirming the facts with their counterparts in beijing. a
might be watching their spending, but demand from customers in the u.s. and china is more than making up for it. and it is not just hugo boss. 2012 saw german exporters selling almost 1.1 billion euros worth of goods to international customers. that is 3.4% up from the year before. the value of imports rose as well, but at a more moderate pace. 2012 saw germany's second highest trade surplus since the recession began. >> for a look now on how the german trade numbers move the markets, here is a report from frankfurt. >> not many people here at the exchange dare to give a forecast where -- as to if german exports this year will be as strong as last year's. one factor which supported exports last year was the relatively low euro/dollar exchange rate, and nobody can tell what it will do this year. on the stock trading floor in frankfurt this friday, the dax managed to climb slightly towards the end of the trading day. also thanks to a positive development of the u.s. trade deficit. but still, traders are not heading into the weekend in a positive mood. outlooks that companies have been givi
. >> reporter: china remains a major competitor for u.s. companies. our trade deficit with china hit a record $315 billion last year. separately, china reported it's exports grew 25% over a year ago, easily beating expectations. the robust growth was attributed to aggressive new lending by chinese banks. >> just a few months ago, the chinese economy was in contraction. we've seen really two or three months where we are seeing much stronger growth in china and that's increasing the demand for goods there. >> reporter: but analysts say the news from china may have been somewhat distorted by statistical quirks and the start of the chinese new year. looking at a few months of data shows the big story in china is one of moderate, but solid growth. >> they're not falng apart. growth is going to hold in the range of 7% to 8%. but this is not going to go back to 10% either. there's no signs of that. it looks like its a more permanent, but controllable slow down. >> reporter: china remains strong in assembling and processing goods like iphones that are then exported by foreign companies. when economis
" at the bolshoi. now to china. an estimated 700 million people will tune in to china central television's lunar new year gala. the performance has become unstable family fare, a staple tv moment like few others -- the performance has become family fare, a staple tv moment like few others. >> backstage, a chance to see the performers about to face a very big audience indeed. hundreds of musicians, actors, and dancers are getting ready for one of the most-watched tv shows on the planet. china's lunar new year gala has been growing ever grander since it began in 1983, but this year, the directors have been ordered to produce a show more frugal in tone in line with the recent crackdown on corruption and official extravagance. it is a rare intervention these days. china's diverse ethnicity is always feature underlining national unity, but direct political messages have been scaled back. >> it is a really wonderful platform. i think as a classical musician, this is a very nice place to share our artwork. normally, we play only in a concert hall, and this is another stage you can share probably with s
people, combined i.q. of a couple hundred. anyway, the notion we have a deficit in china is wrong. we actually have a surplus. why? san francisco in july of last year estimated 55% of chinese imports have american content. in other words, offshore. if you take that figure from the chinese figure, up goes the u.s. by 220 billion. a good example of that is apple. iphone and ipod are made in china. however, 66% u.s. content and 3% chinese or which i'm sure is taiwanese. so why are these figures not been taken into account? >> i think this story with all due respect is vastly overblown. ken kramer at you see irvine has been the best research into that. the real issue is not u.s. or china. it's japan and taiwan that they end up getting more value-added. when you look at trade numbers, they trade system when apple sells ip or experts, that's included in the trade system. when we moved apart to china to dissemble, that's an exporter. the whole thing is included as an import. so i do think those numbers are anywhere near as for this you would suggest. >> okay. i think we are going to end this
to acknowledge its discriminations in tibet or in western china against the uyghur people. many nations hide from their past but we owe people the truth. we owe them their history and we owed them repair and we are not doing that. not only that, we don't even want to talk about it as a society. >> host: you say that this loss of heritage is comparable to the holocaust and some of the other genocides. >> guest: the holocaust was 12 years. this was 246 years plus the century that people lost where they lost their languages. they. they lost their culture, they lost everything. many people had their severed. people lost their tongues. thomas jefferson when he was a boy at two years old had a relationship with a 14-year-old girl, sally hammonds, that he owned and wasn't from the -- we know what it would be called today. that was routine. we lost any idea of who we were. it was our past, our memory was banished and we worked ourselves to an early death. rebuilt the capital, built the white house, and doubt harvard law school which was endowed by isaac royal from the proceeds and the sale of slaves that
have an announcement on the project soon. approval pending or four and a half years. china's january crude oil imports soared 7.4% from a year ago. it hit its third highest daily rate on record indicating a strong pickup for china's economy. that sent crude futures in london soaring near 1.5% to settle at a nine month high. all right, up next, it is the worst blizzard in decades, and it is swallowing the northeast whole. also, it's leaving one 5-year-old in florida bummed out that a certain news anchor is up in arms as well. the story coming up. online gambling coming up, aces in new jersey as governor christie ready to approve legislation, but will it juice the state's economy like supporters claim? one of the lawmakers behind it will join us. can you have too much "money" or snow apparently. ♪ ♪ right here in new york. snow is falling. my flight to tampa tomorrow morning to get my whole family and nef fee's 5th birthday party to my nephew's fifth birthday party is officially canceled. look at that. a birthday boy jack could not be reached for an official statement, but a spokes
and china is set to pass us by that stame measure and worth pointing out the u.s. gdp is larger than any of thoyce two countries. >> and why it is it so important when you look at sequestration. thank you for that report. >> there is new numbers that show americans are once again starting to borrow mon i against their homes at a record pace. what up need to know to keep from getting in trouble with home equitty loanings. stay with us. . . like the flu. with aches, fever and chills- the flu's a really big deal. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. prescription tamiflu attacks the flu virus at its source. so don't wait. call your doctor right away. tamiflu is prescription medicine for treating the flu in adults and children one year and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing. have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tami
, sharon chin shows us, preparing food and lots of it. >> families in china host parties to celebrate lunar new year's eve. this restaurant in san francisco china town carries on the century's old tradition. >> you have to make your own. >> and you do it together. >> wilma pang showed how to make a sugar filled dough ball in soup. it's harder than it looks. >> there's a hole in it. wait, there are two holes. >> wilma and volunteers are part of a better chinatown tomorrow. they educate the community about chinese culture. >> the dutch house is shaped like a crescent moon, also shaped like -- indicated prosperity. >> these students came for a taste of chinese culture and dumpling cuisine. the new year, 4711 is the year of the snake. one of the 12 zodiac animals. some say it's good news for finances, but others know snake years include the 1929 depression, pearl harbor in 1941. the massacre in 1989, and september 11 in 2001. some plan to slither from risk. >> move with caution, just like a snake. they are very cautious. >> whatever you think of the year of the snake, it does sta
. >> families in china host dumpling-mafking parties to celebrate lunar new year's eve. this klassic grandpa las restaurant carries on the centuries-old tradition. >> the significance is you have to make your own and you do it together. >> teach us how to make pork-filled pot stickers and a sugar-filled doe ball in soup. it's harder than it looks. >> there's a hole in it. >> will ma and her volunteers are members of a bert china town tomorrow. they educate the community about chinese culture like dumpling symbolism. >> the shaped like a crescent moon also shaped like a gold and silver ingot indicated prosperity. >> these students came for a taste of chinese culture and dumpling kwi seens. >> i want to bake them at home now. >> the new year 4711 is the year of the snake one of the zodiac animals in the lunar calendar. some say it's good for finances but others say snake years include the 1929 depression, pearl harbor in 1941 and september 11th in 2001. some plan to slither from risk. >> move with caution just like a snake. be very cautious. >> so whenever you think of the year of the snake it doe
to direct your attention to a little skirmish in the china sea and the bbc it is calling it a little skirmish that could have big, big consequences, think world war iii consequences, and it is because of these teeny islands that are inhabitable, and even the name is in dispute with china calling them one thing and japan calling them another. the dispute was reignited when the chinese government accused tokyo of stealing, and sent two naval enforcement ships to the area in a show of force. across china, anti-japanese protests started causing a protest of japanese protests and those who use them. and the protests are so bad that a chinese man made the simple mistake of driving a japanese car in a chai neads city of chian and was beat sewn badly he is paralyzed. this week, a chinese minister accused a japanese vessel of target i targeting the radar on a japanese ship off of the islands, but the chinese officials are disputing it happened. now think about this, the world's second and the third largest economies playing chicken in the pacific over a dispute of uninhabited islands, but if
china to the people in san francisco. let's celebrate and grow together. >> that is awesome. thank you for joining us here at the asian art museum in san francisco. this opens up on february the 22nd. it's a can't miss event. let's get to the weather maps. as we are upon the new year here in the san francisco bay area. we did have snow of our own back here last night and also early this morning down to 500 feet of rain snow mix and a dusting of snow across the santa cruz mountains. those of you in the fremont hills, we get a rain-snow mix. let's advance to the weather maps. we have the blizzard in the northeast, producing 1 to 3 feet of snow. if you are headed that way, do expect major delays. meanwhile, for tonight, we are expecting temperatures that are going to be dropping down in to the 20s and the 30s, areas of patchy frost for the north bay and east bay and like lg ice on the roads. this exhibit, once again, it's out here at the asian art museum of san francisco, you can come out this sunday, even to the museum while it's not open just yet. the exhibit, you can enjoy the fest act
and the china chamber of commerce and the san francisco chamber of commerce and the market street association and the business improvement district and joe an hayes and mike from the building and trades construction council. anytime i get a chance to speak on the mta board i say i am so proud of what we do and we move 700,000 people in the city and it's a difficult task. we have a wonderful staff. we are privileged to have the talent of ed of course for his leadership and i couldn't tell you how proud i am to work with the people on the board of directors and christine, the newest member. and the other members and malcolm couldn't be here today but we are proud to work together on behalf of the people of the city and we are happy to have john fung head this up and behalf of the board and all of us and thank you mr. secretary. mr. administrator. senator feinstein, leader pelosi, congress woman spear and mayor lee and thank you all for being here and now it's time to make it official. it's sign that document. okay. [applause] >> thank you tom. and as we're getting ready to sign this gran
. >> >> we're going to thank all of our community members and from china town and all of them have worked very hard. these are not easy projects. they're very complicated and people had to work at the highest levels to make sure that every aspect worked, and a person who has worked tirelessly for 20 years and we join in celebrating 25 years of being in our congress and sought at every stage to make sure these funds were projected, to make sure we're doing our part, that congress is doing their part, all of the federal agencies, the person that first called me to share the news we're out of the white house and into the congress and wait our magical 60 to 90 days and lees give a warm welcome leader nancy pelosi. [applause] >> who is also keeping track on the giants. >> you know mr. mayor i always listen attentively to every world you say but i know you want me to say it's the bottom of the ninth and one out and in a matter of minutes we have another cause for celebration and you said jam san francisco didn't happen last week. we may have another potential for this weekend as well. thank
it takes to win, but the clean energy race is highly competitive. germany, china and california are not waiting. neither should we. [applause] it is our economic, and moral imperative.as we move forward to determine what we will do, let's remember who we are as a state. washington is a state that embraces all people for who they are. are.
. second best team in the east. and they make it look easy tonight. going to take it to china town, where they are honoring chinese new year. it's the year of the snake. the usually snake bit, great "d," leads to a turnover, force by john wall, 15 points and nine assists. led by 20 at the half. nets cut it to 14, and pushing it, fancy move here. gives it to trevor for the dunk. who are these guys? they look like all-stars. wizards on top by 16. later in the fourth. showing he has ofs. pretty layup. the big man gets it go. the wizards dominate 89-74 the coach said it was the defense that led the way. >> we talked about coming out and establishing defensively from the tastart. that has to be identity as a team. i thought coming out tonight and digging in again like we did from a defensive standpoint, set up the whole -- set up the whole game for us. we won that game defensively. >> well, for college hoops now, it's the george town hoyas, they have a lot of depth and that is not a good problem to have, it's not a problem. the hoyas are ranked 20th in the country can. guys off the bench, like
. china is slated to overtake the u-- in 2035.sot jim thomas says: ".. you've seen ouble digit increasss in chinese defense spending for more than 15 should not only give pause to the united states, but it really should be a source of the region as well." two 3 yyerr ago, then defense secretary robert gates rowbeat nato allies to spend defense... but when fraace wantee to send forces into mali to ounter al qaeda in recent weeks, thh u.s..hhd to proviie the airlift and refuuling, because france needed u-s help. innthe middle east theegull states are increasing their defenne guys have been going gangbusters rolllng out prototypes of advanced weapons syssems whhther it is new drone airccaft." others argue that even with the sequester the us defenne spending accounts for 40 ilitar percent of all defense spendinggworldwide.sot peter singer says: "... if sequestration happens, we go out of every ddllar to about - 38 cents out f very dollar. so you declinee but noo by this massive amount.. us dollars on defense in 2011 - larggst defense budgets largest deeens
their markets in china. >> uhhhh -- >> true, from the corporate ceo 's. >> they want to keep their presence at there. that is not a money-making. that is for news gathering -- >> i am not talking about that at all. i am talking about private corporations that have been raided. >> that is it for this week. that is probably the last segment ever on popular culture. thanks for being with us. see you next week. man: who's that young girl? little dorrit? oh, she's nothing. surrounded by secrets... man: there is one thing i should like to ask you. woman: have a care what you wish for. from the sprawling rags-to-riches novel by chaou. a story about a small woman with a big heart. its auto insurance customers for over 70 years.e to more information on auto insurance at geico.com or 1-800-947-auto any time of the day or night.
and elegy bt activists here today from china and taiwan. [applause] [applause] [applause] [applause] i look forward to spend time with them. we went through a lot of pizzas, and i have to tell you, i am so inspired by your vision and your creativity and your drive. they are the founders of the lgb t movement in china and taiwan, and we welcome you. [applause] again and again we show up for each other, add new people to our family and unfortunately at times this members of our family. we have had an unusual number of deaths this year. our staff and board members lost parents, grandparents, a key task force volunteers and tragically a child. and we lost a dear friend and co-worker in san the green who, as many of you know, was an extraordinary woman who worked for the task force for a decade and greeted people at creating change at the registration desk every year. sandy, sandy was not afraid to say there was a black straight woman and was part of a family working for civil rights for all [applause] iso wish -- i so wished she could have seen the president's speech. she would have loved it. b
not be greedy. general motors also comes on thursday. can china become gm's largest market? interesting question, right? can europe stop them in their tracks like it has? will the government soon be out of the stock? we got to get some caller on the stock because some people say this is incredibly cheap stock and others say it's played out. we get results from jarden, too. we've been extremely skeptical but let's say he keeps taking over yard after yard of the aisles in target with his indispensable gadgets. i go nowhere without my jimmy buffet margarita mix. i bet he delivers well. pepsico as well, has performed extremely well. i would use any weakness to roll into the stock. then there's waste management. lots of talk about how the company could do a real estate trust investment diversion. i expect we'll learn if they're going into the reit structure when they report. i'm listening also for hints of a bigger dividend. waste management is revered in the industry because of their use of natural gas trucks -- natural gas as a surface fuel. friday morning we hear from enbridge. when we hear about
are preparing food and lots of it. >> reporter: families in china host dumpling making parties to celebrate the new year's eve. they carry on the centuries old tradition. >> you have to make your own. and you do it together. >> reporter: she teaches how to make jiaozi or pot stickers. and it is harder than what it looks. >> there's two holes in it. >> reporter: they are members of the better china town tomorrow. they educate the community about chinese culture like dumpling symbolisms. >> it is shaped like a gold nugget. indicating prosperity. >> they came for a taste of the chinese culture and dumpling cuisine. >> reporter: the new year is the year of the snake. one of the 12 zodiacs in the calendar. some say it is good news for finances, but snakes include the 1929 depression, pearl harbor in 1921 and september 11 in 2001. some plan to slither from that. >> move with caution. just like a snake. they are very cautious. >> reporter: whenever you think of the year of the snake it does start on sunday. happy chinese new year. in san fra
that with the plants. he will put it here in the united states or china. i want to thank you. host: thank you for your call. next is robert, clinton, maryland on our line for democrats. caller: i do not mean to put anybody down. one thing about conservatives is they never quit. no matter what happens, they do not change. the economy could have been worse if president obama had not initiated the stimulants -- stimulus to help save the economy. we were in a tailspin. republicans he stored the economy. this man comes along and side decides to save it. they are still fighting him. that sequestration deal -- this will completely destroy the economy. we need to spend money to exist. in the u.s., you just cannot stop spending money. if you do, it will be the end of us. these people are haters. they are not going to change the way they think. thank god there are enough people in this country who think progressively. maybe we can turn this economy around and help america. have a nice day. host: robert brings up the sequestration. we will talk about that later with ray locker of "usa today." he will talk about
or consumer goods come from the developing world especially of course china and walmart and its food processors for the biggest proponents of globalizing the food system. they find it advantageous to process, to grow foods where it's cheaper in countries where the environmental laws are weaker, where can they can have an easier time dictating policy and so increasingly our foods are being produced in these countries and if we are talking about organic, it's very difficult to even verify in the u.s. that organic products are meeting the standards, so we can imagine how this is happening in places like china. >> he next on booktv encore booknotes from 1999. elizabeth norman talked about her book "we band of angels" the untold story of american nurses trapped on bataan by the japanese. the book tells the stories of army and navy nurses that were caught during the bombing of manila philippines by the japanese and their establishment of the jungle hospital for the numerous casualties. it's about an hour. c-span: elizabeth m. norman, author of "we band of angels," who are you talking about
spending in just two years. china is slated to overtake the u.s. in 2035, shepard. >> shepard: jennifer, analysts are saying that the u.s. defense budget is still larger than the next 13 countries combined. how in the world could this make us a second rate power? if is six times larger than china's official defense spending. >> you have seen double digit a increases in chinese defense spending for more years now. that should not only give pause to the united states but it really should be a source of concern for the countries in the region as well others argue is he success strays is bad not the end of the world. >> spending 40 cents out of every dollar to 38 cents out of every dollar. you decline but not by this massive amount. >> congress has as you mentioned until march 1st to decide what to do, shepard. >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thanks. as a powerful winter storm closes in on the northeast. some are stepping out to brave the cold and snowy conditions including baby loker in new jersey. eliza is bundle up before senior producer mom realizes the blizzard is too nas
mostly for finning. there's a huge market in china as we know. what's interesting about california, california has led the way in the past on shark protection. in 1993, pete wilson signed a law that banned all hunting of sharks and great white sharks out to three miles in state waters. jerry brown as we may remember in 2011 signed a bill banning the possession or sale of shark fins which got a lot of the, you know, chinese restaurants in l.a. and the bay area upset because it's illegal to serve shark fin soup. but a lot of environmentalists were really nervous. there have been a couple recent studies that estimated the population at something like 300 to 400 adults. and, you know, if only half of those are female, they're saying that's a pretty low number. >> yeah. we're talking now about putting the shark on the state endangered species list. how is is that different from the federal endangered list? >> california is one of the only states that has its own separate endangered species list. it has similar rules to the federal one. the feds are looking at great white sharks right no
that johnson & johnson has taken it out of their products in china and other countries but not in the united states, well, if you can do it in one country, why can't you do it in all of them, doesn't everybody deserve safer baby shampoo no matter where they live? that put a lot of pressure on them because the consumers said we don't want those things in our products and the change happened and now they have a plan with timelines and clear transparent goals to get those chemicals out of their products. it might be a little slower than we'd all like as consumers but it's moving in the right direction and getting one major company to move put a lot of pressure on those other companies if they want to maintain their credibility, so we're seeing safer shampoo products, we want to pass laws. >> radiation is the longest and best studied exposure link to breast cancer and what can we do about that, some radiation is naturally occurring, but we know that since 1980, radiation exposures for the average person have doubled and most of that is probably due to a 600 % increase in medical radiation, we're
no limits. can we strike people in uzbekistan? how about western china? can we strike people anywhere in africa? where can he strike and who can he strike and who decides? >> this is why you have a presidency. >> well, you've got a congress, too, which has war power. >> but the national security of the country is basically in the hands of the presidency. >> he can go where he wants and kill whom he wants. >> there are restraints. >> we're going to be debating -- >> in the pentagon and the cia. >> i mean, his little deputies are over there telling him what he can and can't do? >> this is going to be an ongoing debate in this program, there's no question about it. this is a whole new world. exit question. the united nations human rights council is now examining drone strikes. if some or all of anti- terrorist drone use is found to constitute war crimes, and the u.n. rules the matter to the icc, which is the u.n.'s international criminal court, will president obama be able to travel overseas for the rest of his life without fearing ending up in the icc docket? >> you shoe tell the icc to
they'll have with the ban. >>> to china tonight, where they're celebrating the new year. beijing's dangerous pollution wasn't enough to darner the spirits. it's the year of snake which some believe isn't considered a positive sign. >>> still much more ahead on "world news" this saturday night. so many people loved her in that movie "bridesmaids." but many fans are taking a stand on something else. after a critic launched a firestorm over what he said about her. let's us nknow what you think when we come back. t always givee all the congestion relief i need to sleep. [ female announcer ] adding breathe right nasal strips can make all the difference. it's proven to instantly relieve cold or flu nasal congestion. [ stefan ] and because it's drug free, it's safe to use with any medicine to relieve my nighttime stuffy nose. so i can breathe better and sleep better. [ female announcer ] go to breatheright.com for special offers. [ female announcer ] go to breatheright.com and you see the woman you fell in love with. she's everything to you. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be
because there is not a lot of inventory. but a lot of inventory. coming from china, russia overlooking the pacific ocean, not too far from here, just weeks ago. still grabbing headlines. a record sales for the area and in international buyer who did not wish to be identified. folks coming in from france. we know what is going on there with sarkozy fleeing the country because of the gher tax rates. this sum will set you back 7500 square feet. it's going to go for about 13 million as the listing price. of course five bedrooms and saw the screening room. the pool, hot tub, views of downtown, but if you come over here we can take a look and you can see the glasses encased masters week and, of course, you wake up every morning with a view of santa monica and the pacific ocean. gerri: that is gorgeous. have you put a bit in? >> i guess it is worth every penny if you have them. i don't know. gerri: it is pretty. amazing property. thank you for bringing it to us and we appreciate it. >> you're welcome gerri: special coverage of the real-estate story continues throughout the show. and 20 minute
stocks fell on worries that china might... announcer: the new pbs for ipad app. you'll never know what you'll find. [dog barks] announcer: available now in the app store. gwen: secret killings, political positioning, and a big lawsuit, all the ingredients for a busy week in the nation's capital tonight on "washington week." tough talk from the nation's likely next top spy. >> we only take such actions as a last resort to save lives when there is no other alternative to taking an action that's going to mitigate that threat. gwen: when is it ok to use u.s. drones to kill americans? and when does congress get to know about it? >> if the executive branch makes a mistake and kills the wrong person or a group of the wrong people, how should the government acknowledge that? gwen: closer to home, did the folks who issue credit ratings make the mortgage crisis worse? the justice department says yes. >> we believe that s&p played a significant role in helping to bring our economy to the brink of collapse. gwen: and on politics, republicans and democrats map out the future. >> it's important
disinfecting products. >>> in many parts of china, employers lure kids by using forged documents then the young workers are not allowed to leave. hp's new standard requires standard for students and their right to leave at any time. >>> another contra costa restaurant closed, patrons sick. what health officials say was on the plate. >>> fighting litter with kids and a new plan. a new plan inspired by a whiff. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >>> recapping the three big stories we've been following for you all day. a san jose man is behind bars after authorities say he tried to blow up a bank. he tried to blow up the b of a with what he thought was a bomb. turns out the person he was building that bomb with was an fbi agent. leneza is a devout muslim who thought he was doing there to honor ala. >>> officers say 32-year-old anthony lam
announced death of bay area volunteer. nicholas castle from brentwood died yesterday in china after short illness. 23-year-olberkeley graduate teaching evening lish at the time of his death. castle had written that service in the peace corps was a life time dream and chance to experience a different culture. sad loss. >> federal regulators tonight shut down the tour bus company involved in the crash in the san bernardino mountains 8 people were killed. the company is based in mexico. it's accused of operating 2 other buses in the u.s. with serious mechanical safety violations. >>> outgoing secretary of defense panetta calling it the honor of his life time. soldiers from all branches of the military along with the president gave the retiring panetta a send off salute in arlington, virginia today. panetta served more than 4 decades in various role of government including the director of the cia. >>> secret service is investigating reports that a hacker broke into the each mail accounts of the bush family. breach includes both former president e-mail show it bush family prepared for george
and oakland china towns. while new year's day is two days away, people already put up decorations such as this stroll here to welcome in the year of the snake. fresh out of the oven, roast pig is a must have item on the dinner table tomorrow night, new year's eve. along with a whole chicken and other dishes. >> food is always a big deal for chinese. especially for chinese new year because that's the time when we try to get gather the whole entire family. >> reporter: following tomorrow's feast, chinese will try to have a vegetarian new year's day. it's a tradition to clean the home and put out flowers. tang immigrated almost 30 years ago. she says celebrating chinese new year is a way of remembers her homeland. she showed us the red and gold decorations that many chinese families now have in their homes. all symbols of fortune, prosperity and health. >> i take both the western and asian culture, i think it's cool to speak our own language, and keep our own culture. my kids are bilingual. >> reporter: family and friends visit each other's homes bearing gifts of sweets and fruit. >>
, adversaries are doing the opposite. china is slated to overtate the u.s. in 2035. >> you've seen double digit increases in chinese defense spending for 15 years. that not only gives pause to the united states but concern for the region as well. >> two years ago robert gates browbeat nato allies to spend 2% on defense but when france wanted to send force to say mallie, the u.s. paraded airlift and -- provided airlift. in the middle east, the gulf states are increasing defense spending. >> they've been going gang busters, rolling out prototypes of advance weapons, new missiles, new aircraft, drone aircraft. >> others argue even with the sequester the defense budget will dwarf their adversaries. >> if sequestration happens we go from spending 40 cents out of a dollar to 38 cents out of every dollar, you decline but not by the massive amount. >> u.s. taxpayers spent $711 billion on defense in 2011, equal to the next 13 largest defense budgets combined. the second largest defense budget in the world was china, six times smaller than the u.s. but growing fast. >>> coming up, the president says the
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